The Poop Stage | Joseph Cianciotto

The Poop Stage | Joseph Cianciotto

Posted by Joe Cianciotto

So it would seem that both my daughters are going through, what I can only call, the poop stage. The tell jokes about poop, they draw pictures of poop, they even wait to show theirs to me in the toilet before flushing. And it doesn’t stop there…they somehow found out how to get poop icons on my iPhone, went to go see that Emoji movie just for the poopmoji and on vacation this summer, they somehow found a poop shaped flotation device.

And what’s not to love about poop. Everyone makes their own special concoction every single day of their life, so it’s not like we don’t see it at least once in a 24-hour period. And if you happen to be one of those rare freaks who doesn’t survey the damage in the bowl before you wipe, stop reading this now because you might be a serial killer.


None of us are above poop. Hell, even hipsters that live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with their beards and skinny jeans collect it. I mean sure they might give it a fancier name like compost, but these folks are harvesting honest to goodness poop and loving it.

For my part as a parent I have admittedly broadened my daughters’ horizons quite a bit. Thanks to YouTube they got to meet the dung beetle. And watching them watch that little guy roll hippo poop twice its size up a hill is no different than the first time they saw Santa Claus in the mall, except Sophie wasn’t scared.

I’m sure some people who are reading this are quite horrified.

But as a parent you have two choices in life.

You can either make your children just as uptight and joyless as the rest of the adult world or you can embrace their sense of absurdity and do your best to make sure they never lose it. This requires us all to take ourselves just a little less serious and to spend a little more effort in placing the well being and happiness of our kids above something as overrated as appropriateness.

Besides poop is pretty great.

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