Dear Sophie, On Your 7th Birthday

Dear Sophie, On Your 7th Birthday

Posted by Joe Cianciotto

Dear Sophie,

Happy birthday sweetheart!

I would say that I can’t believe that you’re turning seven, however you feel more like you are actually nine going on thirteen. I am going to try something new this year to put more substance to these letters. Instead of a sappy paragraph style letter that is speckled with my dark sense of humor I thought I would list out the ten things that I would like you to know about you this year…unfortunately it will also be sappy and probably not funny until you are thirty, if ever.

Anyway, here are the top ten things I’d like you to know about yourself on your seventh birthday.


  1. You have an old soul.
    I already touched on this a bit on the intro but, while you are every bit kid, you have this thoughtful and almost spiritual approach to life that is wiser and more mature than your years. You also do not miss a trick and understand the concept of irony in a way that eludes most adults.


  1. You are my brown eyed girl.
    I’ve said this in earlier letters, I say this today and it will say it you for the rest of my life…you have the most beautiful deep dark brown eyes. There is absolutely nothing I can deny you when you catch me in your captivating gaze and that sweet smile.


  1. You’re a bona fide fashion plate.
    I don’t know how it is that you are able to do this so effortlessly, but you have by far the best style in the family. Which is weird because half your clothes are hand-me-downs from Hannah who dresses like a muppet, but for some you are able to pair items in a way that you always look like a million dollars. You also have the openness to put yourself out there in leapord prints, leather jackets and studded boots with the level of confidence necessary for someone to pull it off and look great doing it.


  1. Your sister is your best friend.
    You and Hannah may fight like crazy but the two of you are inseparable. In fact this year you left having your room to bunk up with her so you can be together every night. In the last twelve months in particular, you’ve both grown so close that I can see a bond that will carry you both through your lives.


  1. Your mother is the center of your world.
    This is one may be a little bit of a bruise to my delicate ego, but your mother is everything to you, and as she should be as she’s the best mom in the world. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed your mother is never out of your sight…and if she is, there is usually hell to pay.


  1. You do not suffer fools.
    Having a sister like Hannah who infectiously loves everyone to a fault, she can sometimes hitch her wagon to some truly horrible trolls. Not you, Soph. You are as sweet as can be, but in that rare instance when you do come across someone who is a mean girl, you’re blazingly effective at keeping that type of negativity out of your orbit and just moving on with the power of indifference.


  1. When it counts you are just so strong.
    By the time you’re reading this it will be that pandemic that happened years ago, but it’s happening right now and I couldn’t imagine what it’s like being a kid going through all of this insanity. And while all of us adults are losing our minds, your generation, as exemplified by you is taking this all with stride. I was honestly worried about you knowing how sensitive you are, but somehow you’ve been able to embrace the best parts of life and bring us with you.


  1. You’re better on roller skates than your sister
    This is definitely a hot-button issue and Hannah if you’re reading this, my apologies, but Sophie is totally crushing it on roller skates. Sophie, I will not lie, for the first four weeks I watched you crash more than you cruised but you stuck with it relentlessly and it has definitely paid off. Now I just need you to re-teach me to how to use those damn things so we can go back to the rink.


  1. People freaking love you
    It’s funny because I would definitely not characterize you as outgoing as you can be somewhat shy and reserved. However, in spite of this you have this way about you that people just want to be around you. There isn’t a mother at school that we do not speak to who doesn’t tell us that all her daughter talks about and wants to have a play date is with Sophie. It really is bananas… but the best kind of bananas.


  1. You are my favorite
    Okay I am totally kidding with that one. I love you and Hannah both equally and more than anything in this world. I did want to give you a slight three seconds of “Holy crap did he really say that validation”, so you’re welcome for that. But seriously, being able to spend the last seven years watching you grow into this amazing beautiful, smart and inspirational young girl has been the absolute joy of mine and your mother’s life. We all love you so much Sophie.

Okay, with God’s grace, seeya next year!




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