Garden City will never forget you

Garden City will never forget you

Posted by Joe Cianciotto.

Given all of the craziness of the past six months with COVID-19 I have seriously neglected so many things in my life, this blog being one. I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule but I didn’t want the memory of those we lost in 9/11 to go without recognition. While thousands perished on that day there are three young men I grew up with, Paul Eckna, Chris Dunne and Ryan Kohart that affect myself and my hometown of Garden City the most.

I am not political but when I heard that this year the lights might not come on at ground zero, it made me very angry because it just felt like we had started…started to break that promise to we made nineteen years ago to never forget.

I mourn those three the most, but whatever I feel is humbled by what those that were nearest and dearest to them experience every year. And as pictures get lost and keepsakes fade, I wanted to create something that would better weather the years and stand as an indelible monument to just how special they were.

So yes, this video is a celebration of three incredible lives, but it is also a love letter to those who loved them most.

Never Forget.

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