Dear Sophie, on Your Fourth Birthday

Dear Sophie, on Your Fourth Birthday

Posted by Joseph Cianciotto

Dear Sophie,

Happy birthday sweetie!

Part of me can’t believe you’re already four and yet in another sense, at times, I can’t believe you’re only four.

As fast as time seems to have rushed by, and as much as you are our little peanut, you’ve always had what some would call, an old soul. Since the day you were born, as a little baby in the crib, you had this heightened awareness of the world around you and ability to take in things that would seemingly be impossible for a young child to comprehend. With this has also come one hell of a sense of humor. You’ve got this innate capacity to observe Daddy and Mommy’s personality quirks and the ability to then turn around and tease us with a sense of irony of a person that is forty years old instead of one that is four.

And while your older sister, Hannah, is the loudest (in the best way possible) person in the room, you have this silent way about you to somehow size up any situation. I mention your sister, because it would be impossible to separate you both from one another. She is so important to you and you to her. And while you guys bicker non-stop it is obvious how much you are both in love with each other. Just this week as you were getting all of your presents, it meant so much to you, that Mommy could give something to Hannah too, so she wouldn’t feel left out. And that’s who you are Sophie. Our sweet little soul with a big heart who loves your family with the same vigor that we love you.

You have a couple of nicknames. We used to refer to you as Sophie Bee, but somehow that morphed into ‘Bug”. In addition to being our bug, I also call you Cha-Cha-Cha. I have no idea what that means but it’s somehow become a thing. I call Hannah Wee-Wee, so I guess it could be worse.

And in spite of what a well-behaved student you are in your pre-k class, that does not stop you at home, from stripping down naked, and chasing mommy, Hannah or me around the house while singing songs about your butt. It’s funny, one minute we’ll be eating dinner and then the next moment I’ll turn around to find you completely naked standing on the chair in full belly laugh mode.

Oh and this past year you have become my weekend dance partner. I’ve gotten you into eighties alternative dance, so you rock out to General Public, The Cure and of course the Psychedelic Furs, all on our music sound system in the kitchen. Your favorite jam though, is when I have Alexa play “It’s Oh So Quiet” covered by Bjork at full volume. You literally become a dancing machine, dipping and spinning as I throw you through the air. It is genuinely some of the very best moments of my week.

Just some random thoughts before I go; Your mother is the center of your world, you are a candy fanatic, you hate dogs but somehow love bugs, your favorite color is purple but you also love yellow because it’s Hannah’s favorite, you never let me forget that I fell holding you on the steps when you were two, you love to give hugs, you never sleep in your own bed, you have the biggest beautiful brown eyes, you always erupt in giggles whenever I tell you not to laugh, and as much as you are one to listen before speaking, you do not take crap from anyone.

It’s been a great journey this year watching you go from three to four. You bring so much happiness to your mother, Hannah and I and we are so lucky to have you in our life.

Happy fourth, Bug.

Love you more than you will ever know.

– Daddy

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